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iText Group NV Launches New Product

iText Group NV Launches New Product Posted on July 4, 2020Leave a comment

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iText Group NV, a global PDF software giant has launched a new product that will enable users to convert scanned documents into PDFs that can be edited.

The software - iText pdfOCR, is the latest innovation in the industry and a game changer which places the software company ahead of the pack.

iText, whose headquarters is in Belgium prides itself on providing viable solutions to its broad range of software users in technology, finance, healthcare, government agencies, and travel. Its latest addition especially, responds to an urgent need further affirming the company’s prowess as a leader in PDF software development.

Some of the functions the iText pdfOCR software will perform include archiving of documents, legal documents translations, sorting scanned documents and converting them into editable text. The application is also capable of entering data automatically while processing physical claims at the same time. This is the first of its kind globally.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Yeonsu Kim said the software giant leverages on its existing knowledge in PDF software and systems to provide timely and appropriate solutions for its client’s needs to help them respond to merging technological challenges.

“COVID-19 has not only forced companies to hasten their digital transformation projects, it has presented a challenge that calls for fresh and innovative ways in data accessibility and management. This is where we come in as our core business is in handling and managing digital documents. The latest addition to our PDF library is timely and a great tool that will help users and businesses maximize their data potential,” said Mr. Kim.

Tony Van den Zegel, iText Group NV, Products & Marketing VP and General Manager at iText Software Belgium said the product will help companies enhance their digital working capabilities by giving them access to data hidden in scanned files.

Notably, iText pdfOCR has an Optical Character Recognition functionality that is capable of converting printed text and images in scanned documents into searchable PDF/A-3u files making accessibility faster and easier.

Printed or scanned documents cannot be searched or indexed without machine-readable text. IText Group NV's other products include; iText pdf2Data, iText pdfSweep, iText pdfCalligraph, and iText DITO® all of which continue to help users get access to crucial data held in digital documents.

The iText pdfOCR is built on Tesseract OCR technology which supports over 100 languages. Tesseract technology is Hewlett-Packard's (‘85) brainchild and was released to the market back in 2005.

Though iText Group NV headquarters is in Belgium, it has offices in Singapore and South Korea, as well as Boston, USA.

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