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News to give you a sinking feeling – British tradesmen doing dirty deeds where you do the dishes

News to give you a sinking feeling – British tradesmen doing dirty deeds where you do the dishes Posted on March 5, 2019Leave a comment

Have you recently had tradesmen come to do some work at your house? If so, you might want to go and give your sink a quick clean. Why? Because according to a new survey, a shocking 6 out of 10 traders have admitted to sneakily unzipping and relieving themselves in a customer’s sink. And when it comes to the offenders - professions across the board all contain guilty parties who hold their unwashed hands up and say they’ve done it.

You might be asking why on earth they’d do this? Apparently, it’s not due to any specific ill will of the customer, the answer is much simpler: it’s easier than attempting to seek out where the bathroom is. In other words - they’re kinda lazy, unfortunately playing into the stereotype many UK citizens already feel about tradesmen.

If you’re looking for who to apportion the most blame to, well, plumbers are statistically the biggest tinklers - not surprising considering they’re regularly near sinks, although we hope they actually fix the leaky pipes before urinating in them. Surprisingly though, electricians are also big offenders, with 20% admitting to a sinky pee pee. As they are usually working on fuse boxes, at least they’re not ‘peeing where they eat’ so to speak… just peeing where you prepare to eat instead.

If you’re looking for a profession you can hold up as bastions of decency though - carpet fitters take that prize, with the fewest of them divulging they’d done it, so rest east if you’re about to get a new deep shag pile at your home. Similarly, only 3-4% gas fitters are guilty of sink urination, so those needing a new boiler can relax too.

As the founder of, Tim Peak knows a fair bit about tradesmen, but was still shocked at hearing this funny yet disturbing news, “The results are humorous to say the least. You would think that someone you're paying to do a job and bringing into your home would at least show a little respect. It’s well known that Brits don’t often like to offend, which is kind of ironic when some of the reasons left for not using the toilet were ‘coming across as cheeky.’”


So, the next time you get some work done on your house, you might want to be on kitchen patrol to prevent any urinary mischief taking place, or at the very least - give the sink a quick wipe down after they’ve left.

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