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The best sources for tracking the latest cryptocurrency news

The best sources for tracking the latest cryptocurrency news Posted on January 29, 2019Leave a comment

Ever since cryptocurrency went mainstream, there’s been a burst of “news outlets” that promise to be the best in the business of disseminating crypto-news. However, most of the sources out there don’t live up to their claims, which makes things a little difficult.

So, where do you go if you want some of the latest and the most reliable information? Well, you can try the names on our list right here.


Blockonomi is one of the first names to pop up when researching for legitimate cryptocurrency news. The site calls itself “educational”, which is exactly what it does – educate readers. As you know, cryptocurrency can be a pretty complex topic with all sorts of jargon capable of making your head spin.

Blockonomi helps readers overcome this by providing easy-to-understand guides and news features. was formerly called However, it’s been through some rebranding lately. Hence, the new name. CCN is probably one of the larger blogs out there that covers cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

The blog started all the way back in 2013 and over the years, has grown into a major source of cryptocurrency news. The site averages around 100,000 visitors per day, thanks to a nice blend of features, reports, and daily news.

CCN is also partnered with, which is known for offering investment advice and trading tips, with a focus on ICOs.


Based on the name, it might seem like this source is all about Bitcoin. However, that’s not the case. Bitcoinist covers cryptocurrencies in general. In fact, the site publishes a large volume of news everyday and boasts a fairly large readership.

Another unique characteristic of Bitcoinist is that the writing quality is quite high and their news bits are very informative. The high-quality writing is probably a result of their short-from approach to content. There’s no beating around the bush and their stuff gets straight to the point.

We suggest you add them to your feed or Twitter account because they cover most of the “breaking news”.


Reddit isn’t exactly a cryptocurrency news source. But, it is home to forums that are specifically dedicated to discussing all things crypto. So, you have what are known as “subs” where you can share information, have a conversation and even engage in debates. There’s a “sub” for every topic and that includes cryptocurrencies.

In fact, things get even more specific. You will actually find subs dedicated to particular topics within the larger cryptocurrency domain. For instance, you may have something specifically for “Blockchain” or “Bitcoin” etc. If you want some information about Ripple, just head on to “/r/Ripple” or /r/CryptoCurrency/ The list just goes on and on.

Crypto aggregators

Don't fancy reading individual sources? well look no further than CoinSpectator, it's a handy real-time crypto news aggregators that pulls the latest industry news from a variety of sources whether its BBC to CoinDesk and everything in-between, it can be a great way to tracking market breaking news with minimum effort.

Mainstream sources

Finally, you also have mainstream sources that you can rely on for cryptocurrency news. Forbes and CNBC are the current leaders in this area. They’ve been pumping out a good amount of crypto-news in the past few months, which indicates they’re taking it seriously.

Being mainstream sources, you can also expect them to practice some journalistic integrity and bring some professional flair to the way crypto-news is typically presented.

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