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Huawei Phones Blacklisted by VLC for Shutting Down Background Apps

Huawei Phones Blacklisted by VLC for Shutting Down Background Apps Posted on January 29, 2019Leave a comment

Are you someone who uses a smartphone manufactured by Huawei? Did you recently have any trouble the popular media player called VLC? Well, if you did experience some trouble, you aren’t alone and technically speaking, there is nothing wrong with your phone or the app.

Apparently, it’s all the result of a confusion VideoLAN (VLC’s developer) and Huawei. According to the latest reports, Huawei has gone ahead and sanctioned a new feature that kills background apps like VLC. In response, VLC has now blacklisted all phones from the brand. Of course, it is not known whether VLC blacklisted Huawei in retaliation or for the purpose of damage control, as both reasons seem plausible.

It is believed that VideoLAN unwittingly fell victim to users who posted poor review after poor review on the Google Play Store. The complaints all had one common issue to mention – the shutting down of the app in the background, even when the settings permit background operations.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the issue only occurred on phones from Huawei and that it did not occur as a result of faults in the app. Huawei, like a lot of other manufacturers that rely on Android, has implemented a proprietary feature for battery optimization. This particular feature is now the prime suspect behind all the chaos.

Also, this is probably the first case of its kind as no other manufacturer has been known to do this.


Now, developers at VideoLAN, who at first did not know what was going on, decided to disallow Huawei phones from downloading the app, as there was really no other immediate solutions to overcome the issue.

However, not all hope is lost. VideoLAN does offer an APK version of the VLC app, which users can download and install if they really want to. Of course, there is a catch – the APK version will not provide the same safeguards as the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, it is the only alternative for fans of the media player who are also Huawei users, at least till a proper solution is found.

After the blacklist was implemented, VideoLAN immediately updated users via a post on the social media platform Twitter. In the post, the developers mentioned that phones from “@HuaweiMobile” were blacklisted and that users would not be able to download VLC from the Play Store.

This was followed by the reason for the blacklist, which went along the lines of how Huawei’s own “ridiculous” policy on background apps led to the issue of VLC being unable to play audio in the background.
The post was made earlier last week; after the problem just came to notice.

Users are punished

Now, VideoLAN maybe justified in “retaliating” against Huawei. However, many feel that it’s only the users who end up suffering at the end of it all. Even if the blacklisting was just a way to eliminate poor reviews or prevent damages to the company’s reputation, it doesn’t do much. Huawei still remains unaffected and only the users have to be forced to make adjustments, such as switching to an alternative app.

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